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Community input is a vital part of MST’s mission to build a modern mobility network that enhances transit connections within the Monterey Peninsula and beyond.

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The SURF! Project is the latest project in MST’s ongoing effort to modernize the Monterey Peninsula’s mobility network. The project includes a 6-mile bus-only corridor parallel to Highway 1 running from Marina to Sand City and Seaside, alongside new bus station facilities and expansions to Beach Range Road in Sand City and Marina.

When complete, bus riders will enjoy accessible, affordable, and faster transit that increases equity and encourages active, healthy lifestyles with a reduced carbon footprint. The project will also:

  • Reduce traffic on Highway 1 and local streets
  • Improve safety and air quality
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Add one (1) mile of new bicycle and pedestrian trails
  • Reduce microplastics and pollutants from vehicle tires that flow to the Bay
  • Offer good-paying jobs for local employees in transportation
  • Increase access to work, employment centers, shopping, and research and education

The SURF! Busway and Bus Rapid Transit Project will add one (1) mile of new bicycle and pedestrian improvements, supporting and further enhancing existing facilities. These improvements include new, and/or improved connections to the existing and planned trail network at or near:

  • Palm Avenue/Del Monte
  • Boulevard (Marina)
  • 5th Street Station (Marina)
  • California Avenue (Sand City)

Motorists and trail users will continue to enjoy the beauty of the Monterey Bay, and scenic views will not be negatively affected. The busway lanes will be constructed with a low profile next to existing railroad tracks, and attention has been given to make sure the project will not block or obstruct public viewpoints facing the coast.


New busway lighting will only be added around connection points within already developed areas around Palm Avenue/Del Monte Boulevard, 5th Street, and California Avenue. Buses will be infrequent in the evenings, and will appear in the same visual plane as vehicles along Highway 1.